Mitra has an exceptionally strong conceptual and space planning ability which is the foundation of our designs. Our business success
is also due to its ability to “pull everything together” for our clients according to the highest design standards.

Luxurious bungalows

Discover the home that defines your unique lifestyle today.local expertise global reach and various themes-contemporary,art deco,colonial,craftsman,tudor,victorian,etc.

Commercial spaces

This includes malls,stores,offices,manufacturing shops and much more.the performance of commercial property depends on better interiors and ambience which is considered a measure of growth

Hotels and offices

We are a full service provider of quality for hotel furniture and outstanding interior design.Luxury offices,interiors,reception,etc

Country Style

Country style suits kitchens perfectly. Take a look at our pick of the best country kitchen designs and find the dream scheme for the heart of your country home.

Modern Flat

creative blend of modern and classic material with just right amount of wood thrown in for warmth.

Style Furnishings

Alternating matt and gloss offers a subtle style that softens the interior.Decor,lamps and flowing curtains also take out edge out of straight line.

Our Projects

At Mitra Enterprises our focus has always been on the human aspect of the built environment. We are dedicated to creating
spaces that people feel connected to and stimulated by, spaces that enhance experiences and build value for our clients - across all sectors.

Our Services

Resplendent designs and state of the art functionality. Our kitchens revolutionise Indian homes by crafting luxurious kitchen suited to with stand tough conditions. We at Mitra design, supply, recreate and install overall interiors.
Having profile of more than 200 national and international artist of India. Works of various medium and expressions. Sky is the limit when it comes to delivering the requisites.


Interior and Exterior

Designing, Conceptual Development, Communicating With Stakeholders of Project and Execution of Design.


Paintings, Arts, Murals and Sculpture

2D and 3D Representation of Different Forms on Various Mediums Viz, Wood, Stone, Metal etc.


Concept Development & Filming

Film Making for Top Notch Projects, Professionals, Businesses and Documentary Shoot.

Our Interior design & decoration

Mitra Enterprises Interiors and Design is a unique and extremely diverse creative team that aims to bring to life their clients’ residential dreams.
Our creative team covers all aspects of design, from Interior Design and Decoration to Construction and Installation.

A curated selection of Mitra’s work in both the Residential and Commercial spheres. These works highlights the versatility and depth of the creative process and the precision of its execution. Each project is approached individually and holistically, aligning design vision with client objectives.

  • Consulting services
  • Turnkey Services
  • Supervision and Management
  • Workshop and Internship
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